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How WireFix Solves Problems

Needle localization wires have a long history of being accidentally partially withdrawn resulting in a failed surgery or working themselves deeper resulting in lung collapse, pericardial tamponade or heart muscle penetration. Multiple scholarly articles addressing the issue virtually all recommend securing the wire to the skin. WireFix is the only product on the market which solves both these problems.

Over the past several years, wireless systems have come onto the market.

These use magnetic seeds, RFID chips or radar reflectors to guide the surgeon to the region of interest.  Unfortunately, these devices are typically placed several days before surgery, therefore, forcing the patient to come to the hospital on two separate days. Localization wires and WireFix are placed the day of surgery saving the patient’s time.  Placing a wireless device is also expensive, costing several thousand dollars which are passed on to the patient and patient’s insurance. Combined, a localization wire and WireFix are less than $30.

WireFix is only available in the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam and the US Virgin Islands.

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