An elegant and affordable solution for reducing biopsy complications

REDLANDS, CA – Sept. 4, 2018 – LeBeau Medical, a patient safety company, announces the launch of WireFix, a simple and affordable solution for preventing the migration of localization wires women who have known breast cancer or suspected breast cancer. WireFix is an adhesive-based device designed to prevent complications and failed surgeries, giving patients and physicians assurance that growths can be correctly identified and removed.

Localization wires are small wires inserted into the breast prior to surgery to indicate the location of the growth to be removed. While this standard procedure has proved highly effective since its introduction in the 1960s, complications may occur when the wire changes position during the typically four hours a patient spends between localization wire insertion and surgery. Simply tugging against the wire gently when moving or walking during this waiting period can cause the wire to dislocate, or the wire may migrate deeper into the breast and even into the chest cavity on its own. A mis-located wire will point the surgeon to an incorrect place in the breast and can cause a failed surgery where the cancerous growth is not removed.

At $14.99 per unit, WireFix’s elegant combination of comfortable sticker tab and small plastic clamp holds the localization wire in place between wire insertion and surgery. Competitor products include wireless solutions and chip insertions that cost upwards of $600 each and require a second patient visit to the hospital. In more complicated cases where the “bracketing” of a larger growth requires multiple localization wires, the cost benefit of WireFix is exponential.

WireFix is the first product for LeBeau Medical, a company founded by Dr. David and Kristie LeBeau to advocate for the patient safety and comfort they have often found missing in the world of medicine. Dr. David LeBeau, a radiologist who practices in several southern California hospitals and imaging centers, discovered the need for WireFix when auditing a breast surgery that had failed due to localization wire migration. He was appalled to find that there were no affordable solutions for this common complication and, after watching several episodes of Shark Tank with his wife, Kristie LeBeau, decided to fill the market need himself.

“I think any nurse or physician has the same values; to protect the patient, to do what’s right for the patient,” said Dr. David LeBeau. “WireFix gives them an affordable way to do just that.”

WireFix can be purchased on the LeBeau Medical website: https://lebeaumedical.com/ or by emailing dlebeau@lebeaumedical.com or calling 1.877.707.7474. Units are sold in packs of 10 or 50 and each unit contains one WireFix device and three cover strips.

WireFix is patented and FDA registered. WireFix contains no metal or latex components and is wholly designed, assembled, sterilized and packaged in the USA.


About the LeBeau Medical Founders:

Dr. David LeBeau is a radiologist with over 25 years of private practice experience in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. Dr. LeBeau performed his radiology residency at Loma Linda University and completed his cardio-thoracic fellowship at University of California San Diego. Kristie LeBeau, LeBeau Medical’s Vice President, is a registered nurse, a registered dietitian nutritionist and has a Masters in Public Health. She received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree at Medical College of Georgia and is currently pursuing a PhD in Nutrition at Loma Linda University.